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There's certainly an epic story going on here. the environment is quite exciting, with both the background mountains rising and falling...

This is an interesting take on Five Nights at Freddy 3, both in its choice of viewpoint, as well how it tells the story of said charact...


Doctor-vega-final02 by Marko-Djurdjevic Doctor-vega-final02 :iconmarko-djurdjevic:Marko-Djurdjevic 553 9 Helios-arnika by Marko-Djurdjevic Helios-arnika :iconmarko-djurdjevic:Marko-Djurdjevic 462 13 Ba-chapter02-black-autumn-final by Marko-Djurdjevic Ba-chapter02-black-autumn-final :iconmarko-djurdjevic:Marko-Djurdjevic 455 12 Prolog Final by Marko-Djurdjevic Prolog Final :iconmarko-djurdjevic:Marko-Djurdjevic 536 13 Magic Lass by Rhydwyn Magic Lass :iconrhydwyn:Rhydwyn 5 2 Alien Scum by Rhydwyn Alien Scum :iconrhydwyn:Rhydwyn 2 4 Commission - R.Mika vs Makoto by DinoBirdOfDoom Commission - R.Mika vs Makoto :icondinobirdofdoom:DinoBirdOfDoom 18 0 Commission - Henshin by AndrewDickman Commission - Henshin :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 263 8 Draw Mega Man Day 2018 - Roll by AndrewDickman Draw Mega Man Day 2018 - Roll :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 372 20 Starter Brush Pack by MarcBrunet Starter Brush Pack :iconmarcbrunet:MarcBrunet 678 29 The Zone by MarcBrunet The Zone :iconmarcbrunet:MarcBrunet 765 10 Ebb and Flow characters by Rhydwyn Ebb and Flow characters :iconrhydwyn:Rhydwyn 8 2 Jester and Fjord by Rhydwyn Jester and Fjord :iconrhydwyn:Rhydwyn 12 0 Knight gal by Rhydwyn Knight gal :iconrhydwyn:Rhydwyn 6 0 Kotiyo by xNIR0x Kotiyo :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 377 2 What happened to him by xNIR0x What happened to him :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 752 18

Newest Deviations

The Deltan Pig Man by EyeOfSemicolon The Deltan Pig Man :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 8 1 Dragon's Dogma - The Chimera by EyeOfSemicolon Dragon's Dogma - The Chimera :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 87 9 Bot knight doodle by EyeOfSemicolon Bot knight doodle :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 16 0 Bushy brow doodle by EyeOfSemicolon Bushy brow doodle :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 7 0 Tales of the Mojave: Three-Card Bounty by EyeOfSemicolon Tales of the Mojave: Three-Card Bounty :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 23 5 Foreshortening forward punch practice by EyeOfSemicolon Foreshortening forward punch practice :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 6 1
A Dark yet Glorious moment, or Infinity War review
Marvel's Cinematic universe started in 2008 with the first ever Iron Man film, and later on Incredible Hulk. While both films were great on their own, it was there that the universe we have grown to love had begun to develop. It started out with minor clues that the most eagle-eyed of viewers and comic-fans would notice, alongside the after credit stingers that has since become synonymous with the MCU. Piece by piece the films would hint at a larger universe beyond any single movie, building itself up with an Iron Man sequel, Thor, and then with Captain America, all of which were building up to the legendary crossover team-up that has been celebrated in comics for decades: The Avengers. That film, debuting in 2012, was the pinnacle of Marve's efforts and grandiose risks, and a chance to show that such cinematic build-up was worth it by the end, with Avengers towering over other films in the box office with monumental praise to boot. However, that wasn't the end to Marvel's work, for it
:iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 4 3
Tower Warrior sketch by EyeOfSemicolon Tower Warrior sketch :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 31 1 Vain antagonist character sketch by EyeOfSemicolon Vain antagonist character sketch :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 13 2
KRONOS - 30 Suspects Murder : Murder Examined

The group is driven further into the city’s more concentrated financial and government district, where the tallest structure is located. As they near closer to the main Government Building, they pass through the tourism district and finally reach a more populated area of the city’s northern half. There they find a far more well structured and maintained collection of streets and blocks, drastically different than that of the surrounding wastes and road-side shanties.
Throughout the drive, the Detective couldn’t bring her head back into the truck. Her eyes travelled in all manner of directions, looking up on high and across the streets, seeing all that the northern district could offer. This part of Moresatta was all she was used to, a near mimicry to her home of Tyrell though far warmer and brighter by comparison. The streets and roads were clean, though were packed with the usual traffic that was expected of cities of such ma
:iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 0 0
KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Murder Examined by EyeOfSemicolon KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Murder Examined :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 2 0 Buddy the Gunsmith -INK- by EyeOfSemicolon Buddy the Gunsmith -INK- :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 11 1
KRONOS - 30 Suspects Murder : Welcome to Moresatta

The Detective awakens to a call by the driver Clay, announcing over the now silenced music and past the occasional bit of loud rumblings and whistling of high speed driving. “Alright ya’ll!” He cheered aloud, “We’re approachan’ the city! Welcome friends, to Moresatta!”

Slowly getting up from her seat, Detective Nobo could hear her back crack and snap quietly in several places of her spine once it has risen from the hard seating that had served as bedding for a whole 3 hours. Time instantly began to catch up to her, with all the laying about during the long, hot drive through the long Black Road. She had to raise herself up by grabbing desperately onto the seating, pulling up from a laid, slouched position to what could barely be considered ‘standing’. Throughout all this, past all the tiny hundred annoyances that crawled along her back, she t
:iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 0 0
KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Welcome to Moresatta by EyeOfSemicolon KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Welcome to Moresatta :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 5 0 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover2 by EyeOfSemicolon Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover2 :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 51 3 Arin Hanson by EyeOfSemicolon Arin Hanson :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 5 2





The Deltan Pig Man
Cast out from his own clan, a native Deltan was shunned by his own people due to a deformity of both the mind and face. He was born more animal than man, with moments of violent outbursts and beastly grunts, close to that of a wild hog seen in old Earth archival footage. His clan threw him out, and his reputation as a wild man was spread far enough to prevent any chance of acceptance by other surrounding clans. With nowhere to go, this Deltan lived among the humans, where insults towards his horrifically scarred features was constant. Day by day he'd be talked about and pointed like a monster, a freak and a dumb animal, and every time he'd react violently, often swinging his massive arms at crowds of provokers. The only peace he could find in the alleys of the human city was one of the only agreements made between human and Deltan kind: wrestling. Eventually he'd come to arena, fighting in bouts and turning harassment into praise by his viewers. He was presented as a monster practically born to fight, and so a persona was made for him: both to craft a stage appearance, and to conceal his deformity. A mask was made for him, and under his suggestion it was made with the appearance of a pig, an animal that was compared constantly to him. For the time, things had turned greatly for him. No longer did crowds throw insults, but instead cheered him on in his fights; he was making a fortune with the fights he won; and he formed a bond with another Deltan who then took an identity similar to him. However his own beastly behavior soon ruined it all. His fights became more brutal as time passed. He'd growl and squeel madly at audiences. Managers left by the dozens when they couldn't handle his more crazed moments, and eventually he was kicked out by the circuit entirely. Without a home a second time over, the Pig Man left for the wastes of Aurora, settling down in raider territory.
With a strong feeling of hate now more than ever, he has since become a violent recluse, only joining groups so long as they pay him out as a hired muscle. His massive form allows him to beat down and brutally murder any opposition in his path, and for whatever high paying bidder that acquires his services. There's only one rule that every client must honor:

Don't peek under his mask.
Dragon's Dogma - The Chimera
A piece of an epic poster I'll be doing featuring monsters from the game "Dragon's Dogma".

Chimera fights are a mixed bag between being awesome and tedious in my opinion. It's great how there's a strategy involved in dealing with the Chimera, and that each section doesn't make it any way easier to defeat it. The Lion is the brute force of the trio, using powerful swipes and bites to attack while roaring to knock back the arisen and their pawns; the goat is the magic user, casting all manner of spells while the lion is on the offensive; finally, the snake, snaps at its prey or unleashes a miasma of toxic gas from its mouth. To counter this, it's recommended that you cut the snake first (as it's the weakest), then use every opportunity you can to disable the goat before finally dealing with a lion now without any effective ranged attacks. The first fight with the Chimera is exhilarating, with later fights being epic with the increased difficulty of playing a newly made character. Unfortunately about the 10th or so Chimera fight, and when your character is strong enough to deal with them purely by inflicting damage, they become more of a side-show skirmish than an epic battle against a monstrous foe. It only gets better when the late-game Gorechimera replaces the regular version, bringing stronger attacks, greater health, and different attacks into the mix; and while that does bring some needed difficulty, it's simply a stronger version of the original.

The Chimera is one of the great monsters that is iconic within the game. An early bit of epicness for new players, and always a fun play for the growing ones in the world of Gransys.
Bot knight doodle
Quick character doodle to fill up my time. Trying to do more smaller stuff in between the big stuff.

Just a random sketch of a bot in knight garb, nothing much else besides the puppet-like limbs and the flowing cloths/cape. More just something for fun to do, as well an attempt to do more frequent draws.

Bushy brow doodle
Another speedy doodle, this time for something that would fit more appropriately to ol' comic legend Jack Kirby's male characters, in particular Orion. Always loved the dude's eyebrows, and wanted to draw something that's somewhat inspired by the hero when unmasked. Something of a gruff looking fellow, nothing special to note. Once more a random draw for fun.

Cel-shading practice - street girl in dress
I don't normally do much cel-shading, so I just wanted to do some quick practice in getting the shading down right. Normally a fan of painterly shading more than anything else, really. Really a practice in shading and layer work, all for fun and testing things out.


EyeOfSemicolon's Profile Picture
Oscar Rodriguez
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am an illustrator, one who has taken time to learn the history and works of many great artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Durer and Rembrandt, as well the modern works of Banksy, and comic artists like Frank Miller. I'm still learning, everyday in fact, trying to balance traditional works like painting and drawing with their digital counterparts.

I've written, though not professionally, and I hope to someday bring my own story out to the public, and in whatever medium I feel would be necessary for it.

I am available for Commission work, will work primarily in the digital medium, and will always remain respectful to colleagues, followers, and great artists alike.

Send a note my way if you got questions or want tips, or if you're interested in doing epic roleplay stories.

EDIT 4/5/18:
I just need to get this out. After getting the link and posting, as well being informed, I have to inform you all some issues. As a comment points out, selling Fanfiction is illegal, as it's selling content belonging to a property. At the time of doing the commission, I thought that I was doing a regular, free fanfiction, not a sold work. This is also a fairly common thing with their other work on Amazon, which I only knew after doing the job and getting the link. I admit my irresponsibility in not looking into this any further, and apologize for not having acted professionally in getting a further understanding as to how my work would be used and the situation surrounding it.

I won't be deleting this journal, as in my opinion it would be dishonest and hiding my fault. Hope you may understand, and I hope that the author can do the honest action of providing such content freely.

Hope this won't be of an issue again in the future.



NOTE: For the sake of transparency this is a promotion for someone's work, who had hired me as an artist for their cover. I am not personally or otherwise affiliated with the writer beyond the work I've done for them, and I don't earn anything for this work. I'm not part of their writing, or anything beyond simply illustrating a cover.

Recently I've done some work for a fanfiction writer on a story based off Five Nights at Freddy's, which you can see included here:

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover1 by EyeOfSemicolon Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover2 by EyeOfSemicolon

As promised when doing these commissions, I said I'd give a link to their work once it was available, and so it shall be included here on this journal:…

Now I feel it is fair that I stress some things. I don't normally read fan-fiction, and as I've made it clear in the past my relationship with FNAF (in both content and the fandom) is respectably distant. While I may not have the same enthusiasm as I did before, I don't have any ill-will to anyone who still does, whether that be the series creator, the fanbase, or fellow content creators whose work I still like throughout the internet. So I will be completely honest with you that I've never read this story, nor do I plan on doing so in the near future. This is simply a personal choice, nothing more.

If a fanfiction is your kind of thing, feel free to check out the link. I can't give you a gauge on quality or respect towards the source material, so I can only leave this to your own judgement. Ultimately I'm simply passing the link.

These commissions were fun, and I hope to do more equally entertaining and challenging works in the future.


Story poll for KRONOS: After doing these chapter writings, how do you think I should proceed now? 

16 deviants said I don't care either way how it's presented
6 deviants said Continue doing chapter formats from now on
6 deviants said Stick with the comic format from now on


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